About Infections Forum

With great satisfaction and hope we established in 2010 a quarterly entitled “Infections Forum”. Our intention was to establish an interdisciplinary journal that in its assumption would affect the issue of infections in the broad sense. The fact that the “Infections Forum” can respond to these needs can be proved by the fact that the quarterly became the official scientific journal of the Society of Clinical Microbiology and covered the patronage of the Polish Society of Family Medicine and the Polish Wound Management Association.

It is known that infections may be caused by a number of microscopic pathogens, such as viruses, bacteria or fungi.

With the majority of them present medicine can already fight, while the others continue  are a considerable challenge to modern science. For centuries the threat of infectious diseases manifested as epidemic, pandemic – characterized by a typical clinical form, with rapid progress and rapidly spreading. Today is not virulence  of the organisms determines infections. Nowadays mainly continuous development of civilization, dynamic progress of medicine, continuous selection of resistant organisms determine the infections.

Every day we encounter many forms of infections ranging from the common cold, by bronchitis, pneumonia, and ending immediately life-threatening inflammation of the meninges or caused by bacteria and viruses endocarditis.

Doctors of different specialties struggle on a daily basis on the issue of infections, we would like to dedicate columns “Forum Infections” for them – focusing on the Scientific Council of a wide range of professionals from different fields of medicine. We look forward to a multicenter and interdisciplinary cooperation and integration of all medical communities.

We would like to present on our pages key guidelines for the conduct and colliding views on the phenomena caused by various forms of infections and methods for their treatment. We strongly encourage you to submit original papers, review or opinion, comments and letters to the Editorial Office on current issues and events. We hope that our quarterly supplementary publications will accompany by major events and conferences science in future

However, the Injections Forum is not only our title. It is mainly for you, we would like to invite you to co-operate with us. We believe, that Readers, Authors, Reviewers and Editorial Board will help us with creation of the journal image and quality, which journal will be support and great help in solving problems and difficult decisions in daily practice.

The amount of regular circulation of Wound Management is 1500-2000 copies and issues on a regular basis and free of charge are sent to the members of the affiliated societies.

Injections Forum is published also in e-version on Windows computers, and on iPads. This technological solution was prepared by Evereth Publishing to provide convenience for our readers and subscribers.

Injections Forum can boast of 4 points in the evaluation of Ministry of Science and Higher Education score guidelines (2013). Injections Forum is indexed in the Index Copernicus (4.02), CINAHL/EBSCO and Polish Medical Bibliography.